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The exceptionally beautiful Ziria is the second highest mountain in the Peloponnesus and the favourite destination of mountain climbers, hikers and tourists. It consists of Mediterranean highlands with bushes, steep cliffs, sycamore and coniferous forests, a great flora with over a hundred species.
Around the main mountain range you can find many small traditional villages, like Trikala, Evrostini, Velina or Goura. The biggest of the villages of this area, Trikala, is consisted by three settlements; Kato (lower), Mesaia (middle) and Ano (upper) Trikala.
The highlight of the area is the artificial lake “Doxa” with the small Byzantine era church in the middle of it.
The mythological reference is strong and always present in this area. Here is the lake Stymphalia where Hercules killed the Stymphalian Birds with his bow to accomplish his sixth labour. The modern environmental museum of stymphalia is a must place to visit too!
A great network of paths exists some of which lead either to the Flabouritsa valley, a unique biotope protected by the NATURA network, either to the 3 local lakes – each one with its own history or the mountain’s summit where the breathtaking view spans from mountain Taygetus to mountain Olympus. Trekkers can also have a rest in one of the 3 organised lodges in the area. Hermes’ Cave from on of the shelters, a path leads to Hermes’ cave that stands out for its numerous chambers full of colourful stalactites. Great care should be taken when exploring the cave, and special equipment might be necessary

In the Ziria Sports Centre, 10km far from the Ano Trikala, you will find a small ski centre for the winter with 2 ski lifts and ski/snowboard rent, chalet, ATV rental, and walking/biking paths for the summer.
Finally mountain biking, paintball and horse riding at the Centre of Free Riding in the village “Rethi” are some other options that Ziria can offer you.
Every August there is a Music Festival is being held at Zireia Sports Centre, a marathon music festival with the participation of many, and not just rock, exceptional bands.
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