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Peloponnese Lonely Planet best destination 2016

Lonely Planet voted Peloponnese as the best destination for 2016.

What would you think if someone tells you that the world’s best destination for 2016 is hidden somewhere in Greece? What could it be? Athens? One of the numerous Greek islands?

You may be in for a surprise. Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide website, voted for the majestic land of Peloponnese as the top destination for 2016.

The Peloponnese, one of the most diverse and unexplored areas of Greece, despite not being off the mainstream tourist trail, boasts a variety of beauties for even the most demanding visitor. Archaeological sites of great importance scattered between humbling mountains and crystal clear Mediterranean beaches compose a scenery for which many ancient tragedies were written.

Walk under the Gate of Lions in Mycenae, experience an ancient tragedy in the theatre Epidaurus, follow the footsteps of the mighty Byzantine Emperors in Mystras, gaze the Aegean sea from a tower in Mani, taste the elegant Nemean wines, take a romantic walk in Nafplio, swim between shipwrecks  in Navarino and feel the haunting presence of towering mountains in mountainous Corinthia. In 2016, visit the Peloponesse.

Lonely Planet’s video about Peloponnese: