Lido Hotel

Mermaiding in Greece

At Lido Hotel, you can make your childhood dreams come true! Mermaiding in Greece is an unforgettable experience of playful swimming and carefree floating in crystal clear waters. We offer you mermaiding lessons together with a wide, colourful collection of mermaid tails and monofins for children and adults of all sizes and genders. Good news for passionate mermaids and mermen: We have tails for sale now!

More than an elegant and fun way of swimming, mermaiding is also a perfect exercise for your whole body with particular focus on back, abs and legs. Our pool provides ideal conditions to practise your swimming technique and the characteristic dolphin kick.

Do you want the real mermaid adventure? At Lido Blue, you can book boat trips to “mermazing” diving spots with emerald-green waters, white beaches and underwater caves. Chances are that you get to swim with the indigenous dolphins of the Gulf of Corinth as well!